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Title: Welcome to the monkey house
Post by: Brain on Sat 2 August, 2014 - 08:22 pm

Little River gallery, Banks Peninsular.

The Retail gallery is well suited to tourists and is probably aimed at the thousands who
drive by from the cruise ships (but I don't think they have time to stop! ). The prices certainly
reflect the target market (read friggen over priced).
The do have exhibitions though and currently are showing  Ashley Smith, Blanche Fryer, David Lloyd and Rosa Shiels.

The theme is pre election hijinks.  It is good  :hehehe:

Ashley Smith is a very talented artist. A cartoon style with a great eye for caricature and political satire.
Reminds me of Al Nesbit and Tom Scott.

Prices were very reasonable and compared to the average work in the shop, were less than half price.

A personal favorite was :

"The Ambush"

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