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Mon 25 March, 2019 - 10:14 am
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Question: What SHould The NZ Government Use In Secondary Schools ?
NCEA   -0 (0%)
Cambridge   -3 (42.9%)
International Baccalaureate   -4 (57.1%)
Total Voters: 5

Author Topic: Education Option.  (Read 1748 times)
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« on: Sat 23 June, 2007 - 10:34 am »

So i was thinking that NCEA is a load of bull and im glad i dont do it but it seems more suited to the um below average student, and even thought there are options for getting higher grades, if you introduce your own opinions and justify them, if it wasn't in the marking schedule , you get a lower grade even though you've shown that you can work to a higher level, so do you think that other options should be brought in so that secondary school produces quality thinkers and not morons , i personally do the international baccalaureate and it takes up time but it actually teaches me a wide range of things, maybe it would be an advantage if schools just did Cambridge or The bac because "average" students would be forced to work hard and they won't find time to go out and cause crashes ... i actually manage my time to fit in some social life but at times the content rich curriculum gets to me , but its better now than doing NCEA and going out there only trained to do certain things.
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« Reply #1 on: Sat 23 June, 2007 - 11:31 am »

I dont know anything about any of them.

When I was at school it was good old school c and s**t.....
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« Reply #2 on: Sat 23 June, 2007 - 11:37 am »

Was the cambridge system we did in our day I think, although I'm not sure ... Not a big fan of NCEA, seems like a bunch of namby pamby bulls**t, that's more focused on making them feel good about themselves than actually learning or striving to succeed and be the best ... They do a s**t job at something, tell them, give them a C or D to encourage them to do better next time, rather than passing them for trying
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« Reply #3 on: Sat 23 June, 2007 - 12:38 pm »

yeah what bytey said 

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« Reply #4 on: Sat 23 June, 2007 - 04:18 pm »

I'm the same, I sat School C and UE. The others dont mean anything to me. I don't think the NCEA system works that well for our kids, a bit like the way they have screwed up the apprenticeship system. They took a perfectly good, workable thing, re hashed it and made it worse.
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« Reply #5 on: Mon 25 June, 2007 - 06:55 pm »

honestly don't know enough to answer. i don't know what standards the cambridge and inter'l laureate set but i know ncea is crap!!!

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« Reply #6 on: Mon 25 June, 2007 - 08:57 pm »

The trouble with mainstream education is that smart kids get taught at the dumb kids level. 

NCEA would be fine if they would stop basing exams on what dumb kids will be able to cope with.   

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« Reply #7 on: Tue 26 June, 2007 - 01:54 am »

i thought cambridge was the uni in england lol
nca for my kids was useless - i have my own ideas about the education system but they are very un pc - i do tho think they are making a total f**k up of it
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« Reply #8 on: Mon 5 November, 2007 - 01:26 pm »

i agree.ncea is a joke
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